Summertime Sadness


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The whole Destiny’s Child – Independent Ladies thing is fabulous and I’m all for it, in fact I proudly call myself it all the time (providing credit card debt doesn’t count). I live in London while all my family are up North, I mean even most of my friends live centrally so I’m virtually Alone.

And usually I’m ok with being alone, in fact I’m more than ok with it, I’m really quite happy about it. I’m a solitary creature by nature, I love my own company and need a lot of downtime. Even if I were in a relationship I’d like to retain that as I think it’s important. But lately I’ve been feeling a bit well… lonely, I have to admit. I thought Winter would be worse for these kind of blues but Lana Del Rays Summertime Sadness is real people.

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The worst part is I know it’s a loneliness that comes from a longing of wanting to be with someone. Of course we as independent women can’t openly admit that so I thought I’d come out and say it and get rid of any perceived shame that it makes me somehow weaker. I’ve come to realise it’s ok to not want to be alone so I admit it, I want to be with someone. Saying it out loud makes me cringe and down right terrifies me. Yes all I can hear is the ‘Annie wants a boyfriend’ playground song too.

What if it’s a case of saying it won’t make it happen, maybe some future potential will read this and run a mile? On the flip side maybe once I finally admit this to myself I’ll subsequently get it? Cue the Genie from Aladdin.

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Of course many will argue Summer is THE best time to be single when it’s all festivals, beer gardens and rooftop parties (all invites welcome btw). Although those things have never really interested me quite as much as having someone special to share that rowing boat in the park with. There’s just something so wistfully Jane Austen-like about holding hands on Hampstead Heath and prosecco picnics in Hyde Park (I know right, I’d date me).

Don’t get me wrong I’ve not got a billboard around my neck advertising ‘boyfriend wanted’ to all and sundry. I’m not looking for just anyone, maybe that’s partly my problem. I’ve been on so many dates that I’m not easily pleased but why should I be, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, always have standards. You’ll only be fooling yourself in the long run.


Maybe it’s because of a recent ‘thing’ that I had hoped would maybe eventally turn into boyfriend/girlfriend status (see previous post) I liked him a lot and he said he did too so now I know after 3 years of singledom what that feels like and what I’m missing out on.

This Summer I’m going to try and focus my mind on enjoying my freedom as a single gal. Who knows, things can change in a heartbeat and this could be my last one alone, that maybe I’d look back on and wish I had made the most of.

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So here’s to a social Summer filled with friends, focusing on myself and happiness in my career – failing that there’ll always be Pimms and Aperol Spritz round the corner in every pub in England…


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Read All About It: The Ultimate Fuckboy

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Yes ladies, I’ve met him and I’m here to pass on the gospel so you don’t fall for it too. He is: the fuckboy that pretended not to be a fuckboy. Which equates to the ultimate, top trump, f*cking, fuckboy. Yes fellas she’s angry, she’s armed with a blog and she’s not afraid to use it.

So I know this is private and personal and maybe I look petty AF calling him out on my blog (which he so raved about while wooing me btw). But I’m hoping you guys can relate to or at least learn from my experience.

It’s ironic I’m wearing a ‘Heartbreaker’ slogan tee in these pics as that’s what this guy said I would do, break his heart. Looking back maybe he’s decided he would do it to me first.


One of the first conversations I had with this new guy I was dating started with us taking the piss out of what fuckboys do because of a funny video on Facebook and how he would never act like that as he found it degrading. He seemed like the perfect gent, little did I know he would turn out to be one too. He took me on extravagant dates, said he really liked me, even called me wife material(!) then told me he got scared at how fast it (clarification: *he*) was moving? Ultimate fuckboy move pal.

It’s just so ridiculous; ‘long lasting happiness with someone I think I could maybe eventually marry?’, ‘Na, thanks mate I’m good, I’d rather act weird about my feelings and run away with my proverbial tail between my legs’. It left me feeling completely disillusioned as I was swept away in the possibility of it all. Finally a happy ending for Annie? Life has clearly shot me down with a ‘lol, not this time hun’.


I know this is not just me, which has been the whole prompt for me sharing this. One of my best mates went through the exact same scenario and has now proclaimed my guy is version 2.0. I’ve also had a lunchtime conversation at work about all this with different age ranges, we concluded that because of the shift in us women becoming stronger, more independent and confident we seem to be scaring men away.

Are all men pussies now? Or maybe we’re just dating the wrong ones? If so where are all the good ones without commitment issues at? Is this exclusively a London thing where everyone and everything is a temporary pop-up fad? Answers from outside this metropolitan dating madness on a postcard please.


By now I’m so hardened to it that it’s become water off a ducks back, I almost expect it. Yes it’s still very disappointing that someone would act like that but I can only laugh at the ridiculousness of it all and think back to my last post to know that it obviously wasn’t meant to be for a reason. Maybe the reason is to turn me into an ever more self assured woman that’s able to determine character and distinguish what she really needs and wants out of a relationship and I am 100% down for that.

Guys my advice to you is this; in the words of Nick Cave’s Love Letter (totes emosh favourite song atm btw), if you really like her please ‘go get her, go get her’. Don’t let you being a pussy and thinking about all the what ifs stand in the way of something that might just be as important as everlasting love (Love Affair – another absolute belter).


There’s no hard feelings now as I put it down to lack of experience on his part and not being able to deal with the feelings he had for me, instead he began acting distant and weird and leaving me on read/unread for days (I don’t know which one was worse?) then coming back to me like everything was normal. I don’t give these games the time of day anymore so I threw in the towel. At this time in my life either you’re serious about me or you’re not, I’m not gonna stick around for someone on the fence, make the effort to get your arse down from it.


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Although there’s no hard feelings, if you act like a prat it’s going in the blog cus I may be enlightened with positivity and love but I will still definitely call you out on your BS and bad behavior, to quote one of my favourite memes (yes I’m quoting a meme) that perfectly balances spirituality with everyday reality:

‘namaste c*nt face I’m sending you love’…


A x


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